Kangoo at Home - De perfecte oplossing voor wanneer je thuis even geen zakken hebt

At Home

Every man can relate to the following situations, at least we do:

★ It's 35 degrees outside and you want to wear as little clothing as possible.
★ You're just lazy for a day, so lazy you don't even feel like getting dressed.
★ Your girlfriend is not there, so immediately start playing in complete freedom and therefore in your underwear.
★ Having a hangover that is so bad that you want to move as little as possible and get dressed is already too much to ask.
★ You have just come out of the shower and have to go downstairs to grab something or to iron your clothes.

We could go on and on, but you know what we mean. The problem, however, is that in all these real-life scenarios, you don't have any storage options. For example, the only thing you can do is put your phone between your band. Only then you know for sure that you have a broken screen the next day.

With our Kangoos you don't have this problem and you always have storage options for your phone, cigarettes, lighter or favorite snack.

More than just underwear

Why else