Kangoo Underwear - Boxers met altijd opbergmogelijkheden

The beginning

More than just underwear

Where others see underwear as a necessary evil, we see untapped potential. That is why in 2017 we were the first brand to market the tight boxer with 2 pockets.

Known from

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Kangoo Underwear - De boxer met zakken



Kangoos can be immediately recognized by the two signature pockets. The pockets are big enough to hold your your phone, chewing gum, condoms, bananas, alcohol minis, passports and bank cards. In short, everything you want to have within reach.

Kangoo Underwear - De boxer met vorm en functie


Form & function

Kangoos have longer legs that don't creep up. This keeps them comfortable to wear all day long. This unique fit and secure pockets make Kangoos perfect for intense sports, fun festivals and exciting travel.