Kangoo Party - Je beste vriend, voor als je niet meer helder bent


Your best friend, when you're not thinking anymore

During a night out or at a festival it is possible that you are not 100% clear anymore. Don't be ashamed, we understand, you are certainly not alone. According to Jellinek, 80% of all over 18s drink. An annoying side effect is that you sometimes lose some things. Your pockets are often packed. This in combination with your reduced cognitive ability is a deadly combination.

Just think of everything you carry with you: a bank card, ID, telephone, chewing gum, locker keys, cigarettes, coins, etc. Especially because you are constantly going in and out of your pockets, there is a good chance that you will drop something unnoticed. Or you are so addicted that you are an easy prey for pickpockets. This is an increased risk, especially at dark parties with unsavory types.

Our tip: store the most valuable items that you don't often pick up in your Kangoos.

More than just underwear

Why else